Higham and Rushden


Until I started to look for a title for this page I had always thought that "motley" was only an adjective. How wrong I was! As a noun, motley is described as "an incongruous mixture" which seemed a very good fit for this page. You will probably be wondering what incongruous mixture you will be able to find here, so let me explain. During the pandemic lockdowns the homepage contained an "isolationoticeboard" with varied notices, not exactly u3a-related but felt to be of general interest to members, and this page is intended as a replacement for that.

I have to acknowledge that I received some other very appropriate suggestions for a name for this page, including "Sundries", "Potpourri", "Miscellany", "Ragbag" and "Gallimaufry" (yes, the last one is apparently a word!).

Thinking about getting an electric vehicle to replace an internal combustion one? The webmaster has been driving one for a couple of years and published his early thoughts here (opens in a new tab).

Judy Cooper's "Island of Peace" mp3 can still be downloaded by clicking on the image below:

The slideshow below is of local images. Use the arrows below the pictures to move backwards and forwards between pictures.
Many of these pictures were taken from the internet, so we need input from members! Please send us your local pictures.