Higham and Rushden

Salvation Army Citadel

From February 2023 our monthly meetings will be held in this venue. For anyone unfamiliar with Rushden we have an aerial photograph of the immediate area showing the nearby car parks and bus stops.

Bus stop 1 is at the front door of the venue and is served by X46/X47 buses from Northampton via Rushden Lakes. Bus stop 2 is in Skinners Hill (Orbit Tyres) and served by the X47 from Raunds and the 50 from Bedford, while bus stop 3 is in Duck Street and is where the southbound 50 bus from Kettering via Higham Ferrers and Rushden Lakes stops.

The image above is of the front of the main hall and the one below shows the rear of the hall.

You will note that there is a balcony seating area and we would encourage fitter members to use this particularly when attendance levels are high. The balcony is accessed by 2 short flights of stairs, the first of which is shown below.

After the meeting tea and coffee will be available in a separate room shown below, where group tables will also allow group leaders to meet potential members.