Wednesday 13 April 2022 - Singing In The Rain

~ Fabulous musical show ~ Journey back to Hollywood during the roaring 20’s. High-energy choreography and sumptuous set design (including 14,000 litres of water on Stage every performance). Combined with charm, romance and wit this was one of the world’s best-loved films.

☂ We have booked 28 excellent seats in the circle, rows F18-31 & G14-27 and reserved the coach so you can enjoy this “feel good” show.
☂ Depart Higham (market square) at 9.45am and Rushden (orbital tyres) at 10am to give time for you to do any shopping and/or lunch in Milton Keynes before the 2.30pm performance. Depart Milton Keynes 5.30pm
☂ Don’t delay as we have only reserved 28 tickets ~ Contact Jean Mole or Sylvia Wright if you are interested in this theatre trip