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Pilates Exercises for Seniors


Pilates classes restarted in July with a change of venue from Waitrose Community room to the MASONIC CENTRE, Wellingborough Road, Rushden NN10 9YJ.

PILATES FOR SENIORS - Friday afternoon weekly at the Rushden Masonic Centre, Rushden

PILATES exercises will help you move better, improve your balance by helping to explore the optimum range of movements of your body even if you have any health problems e.g. back, neck, arm, knee, hip, arthritis etc. Our external qualified Pilates Instructor, PAULA DONOVAN specialises in Pilates for seniors and can adapt the exercises for the group and carefully reassess each individual’s level of ability. The classes are friendly and will be held weekly every Friday at Rushden Masonic Centre.

GROUP A starts at 1pm and finishes at 2pm; mixture of gentle sitting & standing exercises, no floor mat exercises - this class is suitable and beneficial if you are new to Pilates, or have any health or joint problems and want to regularly exercise to keep mobile. Please bring with you bottled water.

GROUP B starts at 2.00pm and finishes at 3pm; exercises are a mixture of free standing and sitting and will help your balance, posture and flexibility to get your joints moving safely. Please bring with you bottled water.

GROUP C starts at 3pm and finishes at 4pm: FLOOR MAT EXERCISES. If you are a beginner or experienced and comfortable to get down onto the floor to carry out the exercises, come and try it. Please bring with you a floor mat and bottled water.

Please let the Group Leader know in advance by text/phone/email if you will be unable to attend on any week. For more information or to join the group, please contact Sylvia Wright, Group Leader, via the Contact page.

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