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Some exciting news!

We restarted our physical monthly meetings in August. Our monthly meetings are once again on the third Wednesday of the month as they were before we left the Pemberton Centre, and will be held in the Goods Shed opposite Rushden Station in John Clark Way. Our recent venue, the Wesleyan Church in Queen Street, had very limited parking but this does not apply to the Goods Shed.

For full details of our programme please see the link to the monthly meeting calendar further down the page.

Groups are also starting to come out of hibernation. The Cycling Group goes out every Monday (weather permitting), several groups have held their first 2021 meetings, and others are meeting by Zoom.

The Special Events Group have arranged a number of interesting day coach trips through into 2022. Further details can be found here.

There is some interest in starting a petanque group so if this interests you please get in touch with Linda Walker, Groups Co-ordinator, via the Contact page. We also have a new Mindfulness Group and you can find out more about this here.

The Garden Group is an active group with more than 60 members but currently leaderless after Sandra and Roger decided to take well-earned retirement. New leaders are therefore urgently required: please get in touch with Linda Walker or Sandra Cox for more information.
Linda is also looking for leaders to take over the Bridge, Family History (Genealogy), Handicrafts and Settlements groups: no experience necessary, nor expertise in that particular subject. A willingness to learn and share is a great start. Linda's role is to assist Groups to function, and she herself started the Singing for fun group with no ability to sing, read music or play an instrument. After handing it to a new leader it is one of the most flourishing groups in our U3A.

For full details of our groups programme please see the link to the calendar just below.

Higham and Rushden U3A groups calendar

Why not have a look at what groups are up to as we start to head towards normality?

The groups calendar is accessible simply by clicking on the large button below and will open in a new tab (which may not be obvious if you are viewing this on a phone or small tablet) and you can return to this page by closing the other tab.

The more observant amongst you may have noticed a new entry in the navigation bar near the top of the page. We have added a new page entitled Motley as a place for bits and pieces which do not belong anywhere else on the site, and the photo slideshow and weather forecast have been moved there. Please have a look when you get a chance and let the webmaster know if you have anything you would like to contribute.

What is the U3A?

Previously known as the University of the Third Age, the U3A movement is a unique and exciting organisation which provides, through its U3As, life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities. Retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for its own reward: the sheer joy of discovery! Members share their skills and life experiences: the learners teach and the teachers learn, and there is no distinction between them.

For the full story of the U3A movement's national organisation, the Third Age Trust, click here to open the national U3A homepage in another tab. For further details of the Higham and Rushden U3A, please carry on browsing this website.

If you would like to join us you can find a membership application form here or among the many documents available on the Administration page.

Higham & Rushden U3A treats your rights seriously. Our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy set out how we deal with your personal information: click on the links to see the documents, which will open in a new tab.

There is a page on our website entitled Wellbeing. If you know of any useful resources regarding health and wellbeing matters which we can share with other members, please let the webmaster know.

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The Special Events Group has developed an interesting programme of events for 2021, including Highclere Castle, the National Stud and the Royal Courts of Justice. You can find out more here.


Most of you will know Linda Walker, who has now taken over as Groups Coordinator. If you are a group leader, even of a group which has now closed, please get in touch with Linda to let her know the state of your group(s).

As far as her own groups are concerned,
Sunday lunch group resumed on the last Sunday in July. New members welcome. See calendar as from August we will be meeting on the 3rd Sunday in the month. Booking essential with leaders.
Days out car share unlikely to resume until 2022: there are some excellent trips on the Special Events group page.
A Little aloud meet on the 2nd & 4th Friday at leaders' home between 10.00-12.00 or on Zoom 10.00 & 10.45-11.30 New members welcome. Please contact leaders for more information.
Non Fiction Group 3rd Monday in the month at 2pm at leaders' home or on Zoom at 2pm. New members welcome. Contact leaders for inquiries.
Popular Music Appreciation Group We meet on the first Friday in the month at 10am- 12 at leaders' home starting on the 2nd of July with a theme of free choice. Perhaps COVID lockdown has inspired a new music interest. Bring some to share.


The financial year of our U3A runs from September to August. Our treasurer Mike Wood has produced the accounts for the 2020-21 year and these can now be found on the Administration page.

Make sure you don't miss our interesting talks on the third Wednesday of the month now we are able to resume normal activity.
Doors open at 1:30 and the talk will begin at 2:00 pm prompt at the Rushden Historical and Transport Society's Goods Shed in John Clark Way, opposite the old Rushden Railway Station. Visitors are welcome at £3 per meeting for a maximum of 2 meetings.
Date Venue Topic Speaker
15th September Goods Shed Every Body Tells a Story David Sweeney
20th October Goods Shed TV Licencing Officer Michael Long
17th November Goods Shed To Be Advised  
15th December Goods Shed Carols and Seasonal Songs Singing For Fun Group
19th January Goods Shed Animals Behaving Badly Dr. Michael Leach
16th February Goods Shed Astronaut Tim Peake & International Space Station Dave Eagle
16th March Goods Shed Stranded in Gambo Craig Fisher
20th April Goods Shed The History of Spoken English Charlie Haylock
18th May Goods Shed Time Through the Ages John Hope

Members' Portal

Our U3A keeps basic records of members in accordance with GDPR, in order to manage U3A and group activities. Members can, and indeed are encouraged to, check and edit where necessary the information we hold about them by clicking on the button below (which will open the portal in a new tab). There are no separate login details to remember: just membership number, name, postcode and e-mail address as submitted on the latest renewal form.

Our duty of care to both members and group leaders means that we have to require all members to provide details of a person to contact in case of emergency. We also ask members who have a mobile phone to register its details: group leaders may not allow members without a mobile phone to go on trips in case they become separated from the rest of the party.

Please remember that this website is run by our members for our members.

Please submit anything you would like to see on the site (pictures, videos, items of general interest, breaking news, useful links to other websites etc). Email the Webmaster or the appropriate group leader via the contact page and keep our website interesting: any pictures of U3A activities would be much appreciated.
If you find any links which don't work or any spelling mistakes PLEASE also let the Webmaster know via the contact page.